The History Man Part 2

A Follow Up Visit For Year 6

The History Man visited the children in Year 6 for the second part of their interactive lesson on World War 2.

IMG 1585 IMG 6483

Today, the boys and girls learnt lots more interesting facts about this important historical event. They were able to try on some of the many different uniforms the service men and women had to wear, played with some of the toys (often homemade) that children during the war years took enjoyment from and even got to try their hand at milking a cow – a skill the women left at home had to learn whilst the male farmers were at war.

IMG 1581 IMG 6481

Children were also interested to learn about the Home Front and even practised on a pretend rifle range!

IMG 1578

Everyone really enjoyed the session absorbed lots of information to really bring their studies to life.

IMG 6482

Thank you to The History Man (Adrian Worrell) for his visit to Westholme.