The Real Game

Year 8 pupils  gain life skills in the Real Game


All Year 8 pupils participated in The Real Game, which involves some very ”˜real’ topics including careers, salaries, lifestyle choices and living costs, approached via fun activities and quizzes.  Students create a ”˜dream cloud’ of their ideal house, car and leisure activities and are then given a career profile at random, complete with annual salary.  They have to adjust their dream clouds, selecting housing, transport and leisure activities which ensure that their budgets will balance, taking account of both income tax and the need to save.


The Real Game manages to be both educational and enjoyable; the feedback is always positive with comments this year including ”˜the morning really made me think about what it will be like later in life and what my mum and dad have to do for me now’ and ”˜it has helped me get an idea of how hard I will have to work to achieve the things I want’.