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Curriculum Overview

Westholme offers a curriculum which is extensive in both breadth and depth to ensure that all our pupils are inspired, foster intellectual curiosity, are independent learners and develop skills in a wide range of disciplines. Excellent teaching is combined with a well-structured pastoral care system to provide the basis for effective learning. The progress of each pupil is carefully monitored by teaching staff, form tutors and Heads of Year and the school believes in a close partnership with parents.

Theatre &

We have a 550 seat professional theatre complete with a full suite of lighting, sound and projection equipment.

Students are encouraged to take to the stage during their time at Westholme, whether it is performing in our twice yearly school productions or for musical and House events. Drama plays an important role in the personal development of our students. It stimulates the imagination and allows students to explore issues and experiences in the surroundings of our superb theatre.


Westholme has modern, fully-equipped teaching laboratories and all lessons are taught by wellqualified subject specialist .There is a particularly strong emphasis on practical work due to the excellent resources we have, Students are taught a combined Science curriculum in Year 7 and as separate subjects from Year 8 onwards. A wide variety of Co Curricular clubs, trips and activities take place as students progress through the school. Science is especially popular at A Level.

Creative Hub

Art, Textiles, Food Preparation and Design Technology play an important part in our School Curriculum. Westholme boasts excellent facilities to support the Curriculum in these areas including a state of the DT suite, well-resourced Art and Photography classrooms, a large Food Preparation room, allowing students to undertake practical and theory based work and a Textiles hub featuring an extensive range of sewing machines and other specialist equipment. Subjects in these areas are taught on a rotation basis.


We have three modern and spacious ICT suites each with interactive whiteboards. Our dynamic curriculum enables students to learn how to create their own programmes rather than using ones others have already created. This is a popular subject at GCSE and A Level. Could your child be the next Bill Gates?!


Sport plays a central role in supporting and developing individuals. It can build confidence and resilience through technical, physical, psychological and social challenges.

It provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about themselves and others and promotes teamwork and respect. We believe that success can be achieved at all ability levels and the PE department provides each individual with the opportunity to succeed when commitment and enthusiasm is shown.

We also think that it is important that all pupils have the opportunity to represent the school. Competitive sport is at the centre of our sports programme and promotes ethical and responsible behaviour, adherence of the spirit of rules and respect of opponents. These values are imperative in the development of well-rounded, confident and successful individuals.

We have a range of excellent Sports facilities including a Sports Hall, All weather pitch, Sports Field, Rugby pitch/Cricket field, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts and Netball Court. All students have PE lessons each week with many also taking part in the vast range of Co Curricular clubs at lunchtime and after school. There are also a wide range of Inter House Sports Competitions and School Sports Competitions for students to take part in. We compete against other schools and in individual sports up to national level.


Spanish is the main language at Westholme, with all students studying it in Years 7, 8 and 9. In addition, students have taster lessons in French, German, Latin and Mandarin in Year 7 before choosing one in which to specialise over the next two years. All languages are popular options at GCSE. Our regular trips abroad to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and China are always very popular with students who want to try out their developing language skills and experience a different country and culture.


Our superb facilities feature music computers, keyboards, interactive whiteboards and individual practice rooms. Music lessons take place for all students in Years 7-9 on a weekly basis. There are many Co Curricular clubs for students to become involved in such as Brass Group, String Group, Swing Band and Choirs. Concerts take place throughout the year on many occasions both in the Croston Theatre and at external locations including Blackburn Cathedral.


Humanities at Westholme incoporates Geography, History and EPR (Ethics, Philosophy and Religion). These subjects are part of the Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and are also popular subjects for GCSE and A Level. The Curriculum is further enhances by a number of trips including Iceland, the War Memorials in Northern France, Ainsdale Beach, local churches, temples and monasteries and many more.

Co Curricular
and Outdoor

Outdoor education, clubs and adventures reinforce Westholme’s core values of character, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and resilience. Experiences as wide and varied as possible are a cornerstone of the Westholme ethos. We believe in offering our pupils the time to find their talents, the opportunity to explore their passions, the experiences which develop their understanding, the activities to enjoy and the support to excel. Our Co Curricular programme is rich and extensive.

Trips which directly enhance the curriculum, or those which are deigned to be challenging and fun run throughout the year – locally and internationally. By taking pupils off-site they have the opportunity to undergo experiences not available in the classroom. Educational visits help develop pupils’ investigative skills and encourage independence.

Clubs run by staff and the pupils themselves occur every day of the week and range from the expected to the extreme. Across all subjects areas from Drama to Maths, Music to Engineering, Art to Sport and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Westholme students are encouraged to think beyond their boundaries and take pleasure in challenging themselves, working as team and developing leadership skills alongside their studies.


Our Learning Resource Room, (LRC) hosts the Library, Careers Office, Silent Study room and another ICT suite. The LRC is a vibrant area, open to all students throughout the day.

Lessons take place in the LRC but students have access to the LRC during break and lunchtimes, Games Club and Chess Club are popular Co Curricular activities that take place in the LRC

Pastoral Care

Our Counsellor and Wellbeing Advisor, Mrs Rachel Moody, is part of Westholme’s Pastoral team. We can offer a tailored individual support to students and families as and when the need should arise and for as long as is needed. Working closely with teachers and Heads of Year we are able to quickly identify where further support is required. Referrals are made and Mrs Moody can then meet with the student to assess and discuss the best way forward taking into account individual needs, requirements and aims.

Mrs Moody works with the student to facilitate progress into fulfilling potential and overcoming obstacles or barriers that they feel unable to tackle on their own. However, counselling can benefit anyone who would like to become more self-aware and to develop their own emotional intelligence. By offering time and space whilst ensuring a non-judgemental confidence a person is able to talk freely.

Year 7

Mrs Cowan is the Head of Year 7 and aims to make the transition to Senior School at Westholme as smooth as psosible.

The transition to Senior School is an extremely important time for students, both in terms of academic achievement and building the “whole” person. In addition to making a good effort in their lessons, all students are encouraged to join in with the wide range of clubs and activities that we are lucky enough to offer here at Westholme School. We encourage students to join in at least three activities a week and to try something new. The students that put the most into Westholme, get the most out of it!

Mrs Moody works with the student to facilitate progress into fulfilling potential and overcoming obstacles or barriers that they feel unable to tackle on their own. However, counselling can benefit anyone who would like to become more self-aware and to develop their own emotional intelligence. By offering time and space whilst ensuring a non-judgemental confidence a person is able to talk freely.

Sixth Form

The steps taken during the Sixth Form years are some of the most exciting and inspiring in education. Here at Westholme we seek to provide our students with an unforgettable experience, one in which they are provided with stimulating and focused teaching to enable them to flourish both academically and personally. Through high expectations, personalised support and extensive enrichment opportunities, Westholme students are encouraged to make mature, informed choices in their learning and are motivated to realise their aspirations.

Our Sixth Form Centre provides a modern, university ‘feel’ environment where students can enjoy their own private space and facilities. We offer a diverse curriculum with small class sizes which allow for personalised teaching and careful monitoring of academic progress, providing every student with the respect and support they need as an individual.

Our Sixth Form is much more than a place to gain qualifications; it is a bridge to future success, built upon solid academic foundations and the personal care and development of every individual that enters our doors.


Our Student Leaders – Head Girl, Saoirse O’Neill, Head Boy, Dominic Naylor, and Deputy Head, Ambreen Chowdhury work closely with our Head of Sixth Form, Student Council and with the other elected officers, to act as a student voice for the body of the school and their Sixth Form peers, whilst also representing the school at numerous events throughout the academic year. They lead our team of Prefects, each of whom will be linked to different year groups throughout the school to enable every Westholme student to feel connected and supported by our senior officers.

Additionally, the PE, Music and Drama departments are supported by our Sports Captains, Music Captain and Drama Captain. Lastly, each of the four houses have elected House Captains who help inspire the students to support their houses. They are regularly involved in activities linked to their position throughout the academic year and provide assistance to teachers in organising, running and promoting events

What We Eat

Thomas Franks work with our catering team to deliver delicious fresh food from local, familyowned suppliers, to ensure our children have nutritious and flavoursome meals. They provide all of Westholme’s food, including breakfast, morning breaks, lunches and suppers, as well as catering for hospitality events.

Every day the menus include a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles to ensure that the students receive a balanced diet and learn about a wide range of foods. They feature a superb array of delicious soups, wholesome main courses and interesting puddings, plus a wide range of fresh salads and fruit.

The menus are planned by the Thomas Franks’ development chefs, with assistance from their company nutritionist, to meet the specific needs of the pupils so that they can focus on achieving their best, whether in the classroom or on the sports field.

Children with special dietary needs receive a freshly made, modified version of the main menu. Parents who have questions or concerns about allergens or any aspect of nutrition may discuss these with our Catering Manger, Mr James Pate.

Lunch time at Westholme is an important part of the school day and we are proud to provide a such an excellent menu for our students.

Thank you and goodbye for now

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour with us.

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