W Club fun

W Club children had lots of fun over the Easter break

The children attending W Club this week had bags of fun.   They started off with a Superstar and Superheroes day, where they made their very own hero mask and had the chance to spike up their hair, glitz up their face and glide down the catwalk to disco lights and music.


Day 2 was all about CHOCOLATE! The children were able to make scrumptious chocolate eggs, nests fruit and marshmallow kebabs before dipping them in the chocolate fountain – yum! Of course, the chill out time towards the end of the day was watching the film ”˜Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.   What a treat.


Finally, yesterday, everyone enjoyed a Zumba Atomic party and Rock Star Day.   The fun began with all types of dancing – Zumba, Street Dance and party games.   Then, the children were able to decorate their own hat, bag or t-shirt and also make their own musical instrument.   Guitars and drums were the favourites.


Finally, they took part in a karaoke session, where they got the chance to play their musical instruments along with singing their favourite song. High School Musical was the film of choice to complete their ”˜Rock Star Day’.