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Head of Year 9

Mrs D Hughes

d hughes


Dear Year 9,

The onset of this year marks an exciting and challenging dawn of the next part of your academic journey. In the vast majority of subjects you will start your GCSE level of study at some point during the academic year. This will be a test of your determination, diligence and resilience but it will also be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities and to delve more deeply and rigorously into topics.

Later in the year, you will be asked to make decisions about which subjects you would like to continue for GCSE. Some of those decisions will be made for you: we ensure that you continue with core subjects so that your education is balanced and attractive to universities and employers. Nevertheless, for the first time, you will have a say in the content of your education as you choose your options subjects. When the time comes, I urge you to seek advice: from subject teachers, from myself and other pastoral staff and from your parents.

Outside the classroom, I urge you to continue to take part in your co-curricular activities whilst also challenging yourself to try something new. Make it your 2021-22 resolution to join a different club or learn a new skill. Perhaps consider running a club for your friends and other pupils in Key Stage 3. This will develop your organisational and leadership skills and provide you with an outlet to take part in something that you are interested in, outside of academic learning. I am also going to give you opportunities to take on leadership roles with our younger students in the Prep school.

Do not be over-awed by the thought of all that Year 9 offers, you are on the edge of very exciting times in your education. Consequently, I wish you a happy and successful year and I look forward to supporting you in all that you do.

As a note to parents if you have any queries or concerns I can be best reached via email hughesd@westholmeschoool.com alternatively contact me via the main switchboard.

Mrs D Hughes

Head of Year 9

Teacher of Maths