Westholme to open Senior Boys’ School

Westholme’s new Senior Boys’ School from September 2012!

The Governors of Westholme School are delighted to announce the opening of a separate Senior Boys School on the Wilmar Lodge site in Blackburn from September, 2012. This is in response to demand from Infant and Junior Boys who wish to carry on their education at Westholme. Girls and Boys will be taught separately, with all the resultant academic benefits that yields, but will share some social contact and extra-curricular activities such as trips and drama. The new Boys School will be built up slowly and methodically, beginning with Year 7 entry. These pioneering boys will have all the benefits of a well-rounded Westholme education which has proven to be so successful for Senior girls.

Principal, Mrs Lillian Croston said, “These are exciting times for Westholme. We are offering the best of both worlds. Separating the sexes for their teaching is proven time and again to deliver the best results. We can now offer this to boys as well as girls. For parents of children of both genders, this now offers a credible option. In the fast-paced world we live in, parents need convenience. Most importantly, both boys and girls can now confidently start their Westholme education aged two in our purpose-built Nursery, and continue right the way through with us until 18. The final piece of the successful Westholme jigsaw is now in place!”

Westholme welcomes all enquiries for 2012 entry and will be holding an Open Day on January 28th 2012 from 10 am to 12 noon.