World Book Day

Winners announced!


World Book Day is always celebrated in fine style at Westholme!  All staff members had recommended their favourite book and it was the task of pupils during the course of the day to complete the entry grid.  Competition was fierce, but the winning entry was Form VIT

There was also a giant literature-based cross word to complete in the Library with prizes for the winner of each year group.  Please click here for the World Book Day Crossword.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Year 7

Francine Tattersall, Ayesha Whittaker, Olivia Forrest and Sally Ralphson – 7M

Year 8

Gabriela Sharp – 8W

Year 9

Zainab Khatoon – 9M

Year 10

Alice Smith, Charlotte Millington, Hannah Woods and Katie Buckley – 10S

Year 11

Gemma Wignall – 11L

Year 12

Charlotte Blow, Pritika Datta and Nila Murali

Year 13

Natasha Bondre

Staff Entry

The Sixth Form staff room