Year 10 EPR Conference

On Thursday 24th September our Year 10 GCSE EPR students took part in an online Conference organised by Sian Howell-Jones the Educational Officer from Blackburn Cathedral.

Speakers included Calum Crombie a prison chaplain, Chris Seddon, a member of ARC (a support organisation for asylum seekers and refugees in Blackburn and Darwen), Rachel Muers, Professor of Theology at the University of Liverpool, Dr Mike Kirby a Canon Scientist at Liverpool Cathedral and Julie Woolford, a minister’s wife.

We gathered together virtually to hear talks about the role of Christianity in modern society, the teachings on how to treat others who might have committed crimes and also the role of the Church in supporting asylum seekers of all religious backgrounds and none.

Students had the opportunity to ask challenging questions surrounding forgiveness, faith in action and the role of the Church today.

This was a thought-provoking session which is generating even further discussion on return to the classroom.