Year 10 History Trip

Year 10 Historians at Hardwick Hall 

Year 10 historians visited the magnificent National Trust property, Hardwick Hall, in Derbyshire yesterday. This impressive Elizabethan prodigy house has been selected by history examiners as part of the historical environments unit worth a significant 10% of the total marks for GCSE. Our students will have to answer a depth question about it on the 2018 GCSE paper.

IMG 6597  

The Hall was completed towards the end of the Sixteenth Century to the highest possible lavish specifications and most of the original features are still there today. The owner of the whole estate was the Countess of Shrewsbury, more famously known as ‘Bess of Hardwick’, who rose from a very modest background to become a close friend of Queen Elizabeth I and one of the richest women of her time.

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Students were most impressed by the beautiful building and fascinated by stories about the staggeringly rich lifestyle of Bess. She married four times whilst amassing incredible fortunes and the house itself soon became symbolic of her rise to enormous wealth and power. History students, about to go into Year 11, are now looking forward to learning much more about life in Elizabethan times as part of their GCSE studies.

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