Year 5 Reading Competition

The annual Year 5 Reading Competition took place at the Junior School this afternoon.

Over the past few weeks, students have been working hard practising their Readings for the class House reading Competition which was held last week. The staff then faced the challenging task of selecting students to take part in today’s final.

Mrs Hiller, Head of English at Senior School, was today’s adjudicator and during her feedback to each of the readers, she commented on how confident everyone was during their performance and how she was impressed with their use of eye contact throughout and characterisation by using different voices.

After some tough deliberation, Rylan Clark was announced as the winner and the House points went to the Ospreys. Mrs Hiller also gave two highly commended awards as well as second and third places.

Highly Commended: Willa Barnett and Amara Roker.
3rd place: Hamza Tanveer
2nd place: Harriet Cousin

Well done to all who took part!