Year 7 Fairytales Adaptations

Year 7 pupils read their own fairytales to Year 2 pupils

Pupils from 7M studied fairytale adaptations and created their own versions of their favourite childhood story.

The best four, chosen by Mrs Peers, went to read them to Year 2 pupils at Billinge House, accompanied by Mrs Corrigan. Chloe Hegg read her adaptation of Cindrella with a Twist, which was a refreshingly modern version. Ayshea Whittaker’s narrative, The True Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, was received well and Year 2 loved Priya Tyagi’s The Handsome Duckling where Dylan the Duck learns a valuable lesson.Finally, Olivia Forrest shared The Real Story of Cinderella and the pupils responded with enthusiasm to her animated performance.