Alumni Career Seminar

The latest Careers Seminar: Medicine

Girls from Year 9 and upwards with an interest in medicine were very pleased to listen to our latest guest speakers in the Alumni World series of seminars. This time it was the turn of Varsha Jagadesham and Sajida Rasul to share their experiences with us.

Sajida spoke first and explained clearly and concisely her path through A levels to Manchester University and medical school, with her resultant favoured path being paediatrics. She explained the focus, commitment and passion that would be required of the girls on their long path to becoming a doctor and entertained them with some anecdotes of spades and axes in Salford skulls! (You probably had to be there.) Sajida was followed up by Varsha, who had taken quite a different, but equally exciting path. Having graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, she realised her real love was with biochemistry and she now works in an advisory capacity as a researcher for the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. This involves examining the moral and ethical dynamics of medical decisions and she works closely with the Government and policy makers. Both girls shared a love of the sciences and a quest to make the world a better place.   Another excellent seminar.