BPSSA Swimming Gala Final

Westholme Juniors triumph at the BPSSA Swimming Gala

Our Junior Boys and Girls swimming teams triumphed at the BPSSA Swimming Gala Finals, which were held at Darwen Leisure Centre.  Out of the girls, every one of them finished by winning at least one medal and they also won three trophies!  First place positions were won by Olivia Pickford (Backstroke), the Medley Relay team (Olivia Pickford, Charlotte Berry, Baylie Thompson & Lucy Fielden) and the Freestyle Relay team (Baylie Thompson, Kate Davies, Charlotte Berry & Olivia Pickford). 

Second positions were gained by:

Baylie Thompson (Butterfly) and Charlotte Berry (Backstroke)

Third positions:

Olivia Pickford (Individual Medley) and the Cannon Relay team (Hebe Smith, Grace Barnes & Kate Davies).

Finally, fourth position in the Frontcrawl event was claimed by Lucy Fielden.

For the boys, Matthew Barrett came first in the Individual Freestyle event. Bilal Karim took second place in the Individual Breaststroke event.

A collection of third places were achieved by:

Peter Johnstone (Individual Butterfly), the Freestyle Relay team (Matthew Barrett, Joshua Cruise, Bilal Karim & Peter Johnstone), the Medley Relay team (Shuresh Ghanbari-Saheli, Bilal Karim, Peter Johnstone & Matthew Barrett) and finally the Cannon Relay team of (Joshua Cruise, Shuresh Ghanbari-Saheli and Joseph Shield).

To complete the list of achievements, Matthew Barrett finished in fourth place in the Individual Backstroke event and Peter Johnstone finished in fifth place.

Well Done to all the competitors – what a Wonderful Westholme Win they all had!