Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Final Expeditions

In the last few weeks, 51 Year 11 students have successfully completed their final, assessed expedition for their Bronze DofE Award.

The White Peak area of Derbyshire, near to Bakewell, was our destination, with its steep-sided dales contrasted by gently rolling hills.

We were very lucky with the weather on the first expedition, with glorious sunshine and not a spot of rain for two days.

Students enjoyed an evening at camp, drinking hot chocolate, eating cake and singing songs, including Happy Birthday, to two of their friends.

The second expedition was a different matter!

The students all coped very well with the almost constant rain, mostly in good spirits. A couple of dry hours at camp, in the afternoon, allowed them to pitch their tents and get organised, before the evening rain set in.It was surprisingly warm overnight and they, on the whole, slept well.

National Poetry day reminded me of an anonymous poem I found on a postcard in the Yorkshire Dales and this describes our wet weekend to a tee!


It rained and it rained and rained and rained

The average fall was well maintained

And when the tracks were simply bogs

It started raining cats and dogs.

After a drought of half an hour

We had a most refreshing shower

And then the most curious thing of all

A gentle rain began to fall.

Next day was also fairly dry

Save for the deluge from the sky

Which wetted the party to the skin

And after that the rain set in.


They are now all working hard to complete the other 3 sections of the Award before they stand down for exams in May.

Well done to them all on a successful expedition.