Eddie the Penguin

Year 1 present their Spring assembly

This morning, the children in Year One presented an assembly about global warming. ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’ told the story of a clever penguin who decided to travel the earth to find out why the polar ice caps were melting, and what he could do to stop it.

           IMG 0319 IMG 0324

From meeting the human beings living in the UK to singing a song to the Ambassador of Australia, Eddie and the rest of his family spread the word about ways to save energy. He explained that people should recycle their rubbish, walk or cycle to school instead of taking the car and even turn off the tap when brushing their teeth.

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The children took to the stage with confidence and great singing voices. They had obviously worked hard remembering all of their lines and the words to the songs – some of which even had actions!

                                 IMG 0337 

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It was lovely to see so much enthusiasm on show – well done Year One – and thank you for sharing an important message with us.

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