European Day of Languages

Once again, the students and staff at across all sites celebrated the European Day of Languages with a wide range of exciting activities and entertainment.

The celebration helps to remind students of the importance of languages in learning about new cultures, traditions and customs, gives them a better understanding of other nationalities and religions, and broadens their general knowledge.

At Senior School, the morning began with a House quiz during form time, which really got everyone into the spirit of the day.

In the Art Block, Year 7 students really enjoyed designing and creating colourful ‘Day of the Dead’ masks, whilst over in PE students took part in a range of ‘Euro’ sports and even had the opportunity to learn Zumba.

Our aspiring chefs in Food Technology cooked up some delicious dishes including a French Tart.

At lunchtime we had a guest speaker via FaceTime – Miss Shaw, a former member of who staff is currently undertaking work in translation and editing at the European Central Bank, Frankfurt. Miss Shaw answered questions from students in an online Q&A.

Our Junior students also had lots of fun taking part in special activities organised by Madame Thorpe. Students in Year 4 worked on a team quiz whilst their friends in Year 3 learnt how to say ‘Hello’ in 26 different world languages. Year 5 students had fun completing a challenge to work out which English words come from which foreign language. and finally, the Year 6 boys and girls played the EDL game.

But of course the highlight of the day was the fantastic European themed lunch provided by Thomas Franks at all three sites. Students and staff were able to sample traditional cuisine from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and of course England. What a fabulous spread!