Former pupil speaks out!

Vanessa Jolly talks about her old school in The Times. 

Former pupil Vanessa Jolly put her thoughts forward about her education at Westholme very publicly and very positively this week in a glowing piece in The Times. The long debate about single-sex versus co-education has had the spotlight thrust upon it again this week with many spins, angles and opinions being thrown about in the media.

Mrs Croston commented, “In some ways this debate has become tired and washed out. All that parents want for their children is that they are happy, stimulated and fulfilled with their learning, both in and out of the classroom. For many young women, and Vanessa is clearly one of them, this happiness comes as a by-product of being with only girls. The teaching and extra-curricular are targeted very specifically at female needs here and it creates a unique community. Yes, 7 out of 10 top performing schools in the country are consistently Girls’ Schools, and that is a fact. Educationally, it works. More than that, the children thrive here because we provide an environment where fulfilling your potential is entirely the norm. In this day and age where there has never been greater access to communication and collaboration, it is naïve to suggest that girls do not have the opportunity to acclimatise themselves to boys. They prepare for life by socialising in social time and working to the best of their ability in work time. Finally, each child is different and I firmly believe that every family has the right to a choice. Happily, many parents choose us.”