Girls’ Junior School Prizegiving

Review of the year 2011-2012

The Junior Girls’ Annual Prizegiving ceremony was another glittering evening of polished performances, high achievement and impeccable behaviour.   Mrs Laverick’s review of the year was inspiring as she reflected on the vast range of experiences and goals the girls had met over the course of a busy year. In the fields of sport, drama, music, speech and of course academically, the pupils had excelled time and again.

The prize presenter, former pupil Jade Gallagher, was delighted to give out so many awards during the evening – in fact, the 107 sports’ medals the girls had won had to be sidelined on the evening for fear we would still be there at Christmas!  In her speech she advised girls to follow their passions and fulfil their dreams, and the girls responded warmly to her advice.


                                      Bowland                                                                                    Longridge                                                                                           Pendle

The successful evening concluded with a beautiful choral set led by Mrs Lofthouse. The full Beardwood Bank choir confidently took to centre stage and gave us a stunning rendition of the Jubilee anthem, Sing. Andrew Lloyd Webber has a lot to be grateful for this week- with that and Phantom, he surely must be in awe of his Westholme performers!