Hockey v Stockport

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Westholme V Stockport at hockey

As part of their annual hockey tour, Stockport Grammar came to Westholme to play 2 fixtures against our Year 5 and Year 6 teams.

As Stockport finished in 3rd place at the AJIS tournament, we always knew  they were  going to be tough fixtures.  

From the start, it was clear to see the big improvements our Year 6 team had made, with the forwards running and passing well, and the mid-field trying equally as hard.   We lost the match 4-2; however we took huge comfort in the fact that we had improved immensely.

The Year 5 team battled from start to finish. Their tackling and marking were very good; they passed well to each other and attacked the goal with great determination. The mid-field players were supporting well and feeding the ball back into the circle whenever it came out. This was an excellent performance resulting in a 1-1- draw.

Year 6 team: Charlotte Bowker, Charlotte Milnes, Laura Backhouse, Francesca Hemmings, Celia Parker, Phoebe Waddicor, Maddie Lawson and Hannah Mitchell.

Year 5 team:  Emily Berry, Molly Robinson-Taylor, Lois McTiffin, Grace Casper, Eloise Littlefair, Elle Heathcote, Lucy Barrett, Abigail  Lee and  Issie Hart .  

Well done to  both teams; we hope to play Stockport again when they visit on their tour next year.