Holiday Fun at the W Club

Children enjoy the February W Club


The February W Club got off to a flying start on the first day of the half term holidays.  The children enjoyed a visit from the circus and got to grips with many skills such as plate spinning, uni-cycle training and they even managed to learn how to balance a peacock feather in the palm of their hand!

Day two was equally as exciting, when the whole W Club team set off on their journey to the South Lakes Wild Animal Park.  They saw many animals such as hippos, rhinos and penguins.  They even got to feed a giraffe!

Wednesday was all about fashion and dance.  In the morning, the children designed their own clothes range and even modelled their creations.  The afternoon was spent doing a spot of street and freezing dancing – what fun!

Mrs Milnes got sporty on Thursday and the W Club spent the morning in the Sports Hall at Wilamr Lodge.  Many fun team games were played.  A trip to Bowlplex for an afternoon of ten pin bowling was to follow – they had exclusive use of 6 lanes which allowed everyone to practise their technique at getting a strike!


The week drew to a close on the Friday – the art of den making was mastered by all.  What an exciting week everyone had – roll on the Easter holidays!