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Welcome to Last Day Entertainment at Westholme

We are proud to present a variety of student performances for you to enjoy on this special day. Let’s celebrate in style – we have songs, tributes, dance, poetry and a Grease medley to showcase our future production at Westholme!

We would like to give special thanks to Mr P Bramwell and Mr B Tinniswood (former student and Production Design student at Guildhall, London) for their fabulous editing and of course to all of you who have participated in this year’s Entertainments. Also, thank you to Mrs C Lewis and Mrs Z Kenealy for all their hard work, and to Mr Holt who arranged and mixed the Grease Medley. Don’t forget to check out our eagerly awaited staff entertainment.

There are a number of tributes to staff who are moving on and I would like to give a special mention to a wonderful teacher and colleague, Mrs Magdi, who has been a major part of Drama at Westholme for the past six years. I wish her every success in her future career.

Miss C Roberts

Head of Drama

Last Day Entertainment at Westholme

Click on the section below to view the Video Running Order

  1. Message from the Principal
  2. Welcome to the Last Day
  3. Hero – Ambreen
  4. Maia – Monologue
  5. Charlotte – Spanish Lullaby
  6. Tilly – There are Worse Things I Could Do
  7. Olivia – Monologue
  8. Darcey – Need You Home
  9. Niamh – Behind These Walls
  10. Staff Leavers
  11. Mrs Hughes
  12. Niamh – Jolene for Mrs Hughes
  13. Miss Furness
  14. Grow as we Go – Grace Dance for Miss Furness
  15. Mrs Reade
  16. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Darcey
  17. Mrs Magdi
  18. Heaven on Their Minds – Josh for Mrs Magdi
  19. Mrs Buckley
  20. Original Poem by Upper 6 for Mrs Buckley
  21. Grease Medley
  22. I Want to Break Free – Staff Entertainment
  23. House Points Totals
  24. Year 7 Compilation
  25. Mrs Horner’s Outro
  26. Encore – Bridge Over Troubled Water
  27. End

Grease Medley!

Cast Montage

House Talk Finalists

We would usually show all the 4 finalists for the House Talks in the theatre on the last day entertainment and so we thought you would like to see them here – click on the names to see their talks!

Thank you for watching!