Royal Marine Visit

Physical training session from the Royal Marines

Yesterday our Year 10 boys enjoyed a presentation and physical training session from the Royal Marines. The Marine Commando’s explained their role in the Navy and how they support their country, but often support other governments in counter insurgency operations.

IMG 0197

After giving an outline of their role they went on to explain what is needed to become a Royal Marine Commando, for example, grit, determination, team work and leadership skills are just a few of the essential skills required. If the boys did choose to become a Marine they would endure 32 weeks of hard intense training, preparing them for any problem at any time. The Royal Marines are ready for deployment anywhere in the world within 24 hours, so not only does the training cover the physical aspect, but the mental aspect of being ready and prepared at any given moment.

IMG 0224

With the presentation finished the boys were eager to find out what Royal Marine’s Training entailed. They were taken outside in the cold and wet weather and put through an intensive warm up and weighted circuit. Many showed that they already had some of the skills needed to become a Marine and were prepared to put in extra work to impress. One of the Marine’s commented: ‘These are some of the fittest lads with have come across in the Blackburn area’.
Their motto, ‘work hard, play hard’ is certainly a motto the boys can apply to their academic work, in sport and in life.

IMG 0210

Overall, it was a great informative and entertaining afternoon for our boys who came away with lots of information regarding a possible career path for them.