Move Up Afternoon

Move Up Afternoon


Move Up Afternoon took place at all of the Westholme School sites yesterday. Some of the children currently in our Nursery, enjoyed an afternoon in Pre-School, getting to know their new teacher, Miss Byrom. They took part in many activities and enjoyed playing with some of the many new toys on offer!

The rest of the classes at Billinge House all moved up to what will be their new class from September.They spent the afternoon getting familiar with their new classroom and of course their new teacher.

Over the past few weeks, the current Year 2 children have visited the Junior Schools on a number of occasions, in order to become familiar with what will be their new surroundings.

Yesterday, they enjoyed the afternoon with their new Year 3 teachers. The girls visited Beardwood Bank and found out that their teacher would either be Miss Rimmer or Miss Lomax. It was exciting to listen as each teacher announced their classes. The boys also got to know their new teacher, Mrs Daley. Again, further up the school, everyone moved up to what will be their new class from September. Exciting activities for the afternoon, included kite making and producing collages with sequins and all sorts of other brightly coloured craft materials.

Getting to know you activities also took place Miss Neville informed her new class that she is a big fan of TIGGER!

Finally, the girls in Year 6 made the journey to Wilmar Lodge for the afternoon to experience life at the Senior School. After getting to know their new form teacher, they took part in a number of taster lessons, such as Science, Drama, Geography and History. Next they enjoyed a buffet tea and then the girls were given the opportunity to play on the lawn outside their new home the bungalow!

During the course of the afternoon, we also welcomed many new faces of children from other schools, who were just as excited about the new term as our own pupils were!

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