Perfect Pancakes!

Tasty treats for Pancake Day at the Infant School

 IMG 4853

Today the Pre-School children were very excited to be shown how pancakes are made but they were even more thrilled to be able to try them with their favourite toppings. The hardest thing was having to wait their turn!

          IMG 4865  IMG 4867

In Reception everyone learnt all about what goes into a pancake and were allowed to have a go at stirring the mixture. No tasting it yet though!

IMG 4875

In Year 1 the pupils talked about the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday and discussed Lent and fasting. They then tried weighing and measuring all of the ingredients and finally got to make their own pancakes. Well worth the hard work and patience.

IMG 4885

Everyone throughout the school enjoyed pancakes for lunch and the students agreed it’s probably one of the highlights of the Spring Term. At least until Easter!