Pre School Developments

An outstanding bridge to school with improved flexibility

We are pleased to announce that from September 2015, Westholme’s Pre School will allow families a greater level of flexibility.

Whilst still retaining all the benefits, high standards and expectations of a school environment, parents will now be able to select from a range of options which fit in with their personal circumstances. This all important transition year between Nursery and the official start of school at Reception is a time of adjustment and preparation. We are striving to give every family a solution to their individual needs. As such, we are now offering:

• Tailored, wrap around care, available from 7.30am – 6pm

• Continuous care throughout the holidays, 50 weeks of the year, with a known and trusted staff team

• Flexible attendance of a minimum of three days a week, with any number of supplementary mornings on top of this

• Teacher led, school day hours, term time only will still be available for those who prefer this

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This is an exciting time for Westholme infants. The recent significant investment in the Nursery, which is now located within the Infant building, alongside the new family-friendly focus for Pre School, are both important steps forward in our continuing development. We will continue to provide the very best start for children with a dedicated, caring staff team and all the high standards of a Westholme education.

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