Home Prep Welcome Curriculum Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) Design Technology

Design Technology

At the Infant School, the children enjoy working creatively on design and make assignments.  Our children are taught to investigate and evaluate a range of familiar products, looking at how things work and how they are used.  This knowledge and understanding is then applied to our children’s own designs, which require careful planning and evaluation.

The children are taught to work carefully with a variety of materials and to use the tools appropriately.  Tasks will incorporate the use of materials such as modelling clay, textiles, paper, card and wood.  The children use a range of construction kits to learn manipulative and constructional skills.  Food technology skills are also learnt throughout our Infant school, alongside food hygiene and safety.

In Year One, children work collaboratively on group tasks such as designing and making an effective sunshade and they work individually to prepare fruit kebabs.

In Year Two, the children work alone to design and make both a healthy pizza and their own sandwich.  Pupils also enjoy working with a partner to design and make a wheeled vehicle to transport a zoo animal to meet a set of criteria.  Focused practical design and make tasks are often cross-curricular, to give a purpose to the Design and Technology as well as enhancing learning in other subjects.