Sacred Places

Year 8 students visit ‘Sacred Places’ on an EPR trip

On Monday, Year 8 pupils had a multi-faith experience in the local community on the EPR ‘Sacred Places’ trip. This trip gave pupils the chance to have an actual ‘experience’ of what they’ve studied in the classroom as they got to see the amazing buildings and talk to faith practitioners themselves.

IMG 0206
The day started at Blackburn Cathedral where pupils walked the school’s labyrinth-this ancient symbol of pilgrimage when in a religious context. In this place of peace and quiet pupils were able to reflect on their own special journeys in life.

IMG 0216 IMG 0218

At the Mosque, Imam Saleem greeted the group and guided them around this place for community and prayer. Getting to see the wuzu room, a place for ritual washing, was a highlight! Saleem then explained all of the significant features of prayer and demonstrated the movements and recited in Arabic the beautiful passages from the Qur’an.

IMG 0226
The day ended at Veda Hindu Temple in Bolton where members of the community led the group on an educational tour of the shrine room. As soon as students walked into this spectacular room their senses were hit with strong smells of incense and a feast for the eyes with all the colours and images that decorated the room.

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Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and valued the opportunity to ask questions and explore what they’d learnt in the EPR classroom.