Scrabble Final

Tough competition in the Scrabble Final

Over many weeks, the Junior Boys have been taking part in Mrs Porter’s Scrabble Competition, held at lunchtimes.   On Friday, the final was held –   a great day to celebrate  brainpower and strategy, with it being the School’s 90th birthday!

The finalists, Yusuf Mumtaz (5M) and Jibran Karolia (4M) were outstanding and they battled hard to become  Westholme Boys’ Junior School’s first Scrabble Club champion. In the end, after fifteen gruelling minutes, Yusuf was declared the winner. His consistent scoring, of a trio of consecutive eight points per turn, clinched his success. The boys shook hands and even Yusuf smiled at the final score as it was so close- his 71 points to Jibran’s 70!

A sporting, well paced, close run match-well done boys!