Shakespeare Speaking Competition

The Senior School’s annual Shakespeare Speaking competition

Nearly two hundred of our Senior School girls traversed the boards in the annual Shakespeare Speaking competition.   Performances ranged from moving monologues through dance routines to clever whole-class performances until finally a hilarious performance of the ”˜play within a play’ from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and an equally entertaining duologue from the same play (where Hermia and Helena fall out over love), won the day.

Thank you to the judges, Mr and Mrs MacDonald for making these difficult decisions on our behalf.  

Winners of Junior prize

A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s disastrous ”˜play within a play’ by Laila Abbas, Yasmin Al-Nufoury,
Poppy Ashworth, Jess Devenney Lees, Alicia Pursnani, Annabel Steele and Emily Winter of Year 9

Winners of Senior Prize

Hannah Dagnall and Jade Jones of Year 12 – Hermia and Helena fall out over men!


Please click here to view a gallery of the Shakespeare Speaking Competition