Shakespeare Speaking Contest

The Shakespeare Speaking contest was a fantastic way to end the Spring Term!

On the last day of term Westholme ran its biennial Shakespeare Speaking contest.  And what a contest!  The selection of pieces ranged through comedy, drama, tragedy, with extracts from The Winter’s Tale, The Merchant of Venice, Henry VI Part 2 and Julius Caesar to name but a few.

From Year 7 through to the Upper Sixth, the standard was fantastically high.  And we mustn’t forget the three-minute Hamlet, put on with amazing energy by the staff players.  We thrilled to the stirring speeches, laughed at the dilemmas in the comic pieces, and sighed over the darker moments.  It was a fantastic morning enjoyed by the whole Senior School. 

Junior winner: Lucia Lamoury of 7L : Queen Margaret’s stirring speech from Henry VI Part 2.

Senior winners:  Hannah Dagnall and Jade Whittaker : French princess Katherine tries to speak English in Henry V.