Sport Relief at Billinge House

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Billinge House children raise money for Sport Relief

Children at Billinge House have been raising money today for Sport Relief.

The day’s events began with the Pre School and Reception children taking part in an aerobathon which was led by Miss Byrom and Mrs Carr.


As they stood on the stage, the children copied their moves and took great delight in doing so.   The music was playing and everyone was having lots of fun, all in the name of charity.


Next, it was time for the Year 1 and Year 2 children to do their bit for Sport Relief.  They had each been sponsored to walk the mile from Billinge House to Wilmar Lodge.  They all assembled on the playground, complete with Sport Relief balloons and some musical instruments to make their walk fun.


As they set off, many passersby were waving and showing their support.

The children were chanting, singing, shaking their maracas and banging their tambourines as they walked.


Soon enough, the fields near to Wilmar Lodge were in sight.   In the distance, they could see Mrs Croston and some of the Sixth Form pupils cheering them on.


They made their way down the drive and once they had dropped off their belongings in the Sports Hall, they were able to go out onto the fields to play some games of football and other sports related activities.    After a well deserved lunch break, they began the journey back to Billinge House.


What a fantastic day they all had and a wonderful way to raise money for Sport Relief.

Congratulations to everyone involved – the children raised a staggering £1049.70!

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