Staircase Museum Trip

Year Two children learn all about The Great Fire of London

 Year 2 had a very exciting day in Stockport at the Staircase House Museum as part of their history topic on the Great Fire of London. This was a new adventure for Billinge House and one that will certainly be repeated!

DSC07465 DSC07483


The day started with all the children dressing up and role playing a day in the life of Samuel Pepys. They met King Charles II, Samuel Pepys, Jane the maid and other characters. The children explored the many historical rooms at Staircase House and really felt the atmosphere.

They also helped to make 17th Century ships biscuits in the kitchen and even put out ‘the fire’ using a leather bucket in the courtyard.

DSC07509 DSC08502

Later in the day the children learnt about Tudor building techniques and had hands on experience of making a ‘Wattle and Daub’ wall. They also helped the Plague Doctor to invent herbal cures.


Everyone enjoyed a fantastic day learning outside the classroom.