Step Back in Time to a Victorian Christmas

Westholme pupils perform at a Victorian Christmas experience at Queen Street Mill in Burnley

Year 1 take part in a Victorian Christmas

This morning, Year 1 travelled to Queen Street Mill in Burnley to take part in a Victorian Christmas experience.

Twenty four excited children made cornucopias, played parlour games, took part in a Victorian pantomime of ‘Puss in Boots’ and listened to a story read by Father Christmas. He then explained the meaning of the contents of a Victorian Christmas stocking: an apple for good health, a pie for never being hungry, a piece of coal for warmth, a penny for wealth, a bag of salt for good luck and a toy for a little wish of luxury.

The morning was rounded off with a roaring rendition of ‘The Twelve Day’s of Christmas ‘ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas,’ before Father Christmas waved them all off.

Many thanks to Mrs Siddique and Mrs Lowde who accompanied us on our trip.