Swimming Gala

Annual House Swimming Gala

The annual Swimming Gala took place on the Friday before breaking up for half term.   Years 9 and 10 started off the event with their Intermediate Gala.   Lucy Davis of Calder astounded the crowd by swimming the one length Butterfly in an unbelievable 10.54 seconds – beating the previous record from 2004.   All the races were very closely contested and the morning finished with the Freestyle Relay which was won by Calder gaining double points.  

Intermediate Gala Results:

4th – Pendle (38 points)

3rd – Longridge (41 points)

2nd – Calder (64 points)

1st – Bowland (75 points)

The Senior Gala for Year 11 and Sixth Form.   Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Megan Davis of Pendle also set a new record in the two lengths Front crawl event which was set in 1998.   Megan swam the race in an amazing 21.81 seconds.

The water polo competition was, as always, hotly and quite violently contested but it was Pendle who eventually reigned supreme.

A special mention also goes to all staff who competed in the House relay event: Miss Naylor, Miss Hampshire, Mrs Hornby, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Green and Mrs Hall.

Senior Gala Results:

4th – Calder (50 points)

3rd – Bowland (55 points)

2nd – Longridge (66 points)

1st – Pendle (89 points)

The Junior Gala for Years 7 and 8 was the last event of the day.   Chloe Reece of Calder won the novelty event by finishing first in the Olympics race after lighting the Olympic torch, throwing the javelin and long jumping into the pool!  

The winner of the whole school neat dive event was Laruen McCabe of Longridge.  

Junior Gala Results:

4th – Longridge (67 points)

3rd – Bowland (70 points)

2nd – Calder (78 points)

1st – Pendle (82 points)

Congratulations to Pendle who were Overall Winners of the House Swimming Gala with 209 points.  

2nd – Calder, 3rd – Bowland and 4th – Longridge.