The Annual Magowan Gala

Swimming Gala with Stonyhurst 

The annual Swimming Gala in memory of former Westholme and Stonyhurst student, William Magowan, took place in the pool at Wilmar Lodge last night. There was a fantastic atmosphere and it was an amazingly close gala with some superb individual and team performances.

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It was lovely to welcome William’s mum and grandma to the event and all the children received a charity wristband from them for participating.

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The results were-
Year 3/4 lost 39-49
Year 5 won 55-34
Year 6 lost 44-46

These results, plus the points awarded for the Cannon Relay meant that our Westholme team were victorious 148-141 points. However, this annual fixture is not ever about the end result, it is always to remember our mutual friend, William.