Exploring The Universe

A trip to Jodrell Bank

Year 5 travelled to Jodrell Bank as part of their ‘Earth and Space’ topic for this term. They enjoyed some time exploring inside the planet pavilion where they were shown the clockwork orrery and learnt about each planet. The inflatable pavilion was definitely a favourite as they sat inside and were able to witness a magical replica of the stars. 

IMG 0982 IMG 0996

The afternoon brought time for a rotation of four experiments; weighing various pots using force meters to estimate the weakest and strongest gravity of the planets, dropping balls from heights to measure the diameter of craters, measuring the brightness of light at different distances from the sun and finally identifying four rocks – which included an actual meteorite!

IMG 1001

 IMG 1008 IMG 1013 IMG 1023

The children came back enthused and ready to start learning even more about space!