UKMT Challenges

At the end of our assembly to celebrate International Pi Day on Monday 14 March, certificates were handed out for the UKMT Challenges. The challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers designed to stimulate interest in mathematics. Receiving a silver or gold certificate puts students in the top 5% nationally.

Our INSPIRED Sixth Form Maths students took part in the UKMT Senior challenge last term. After exceptional performances in this challenge, Harry and Daniel from our INSPIRED Sixth Form qualified for the next round of the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo challenge. Only a small percentage of students reach this level and we are extremely proud of both students.

The Intermediate Challenge is aimed at pupils in Years 9 to 11. Over 250,000 students from more than 3,000 schools across the UK participated in the challenge in February. Congratulations to the following:

Best in School & Gold – Ethan

Gold – Will

Best in year 10 & Silver – Inaayal

Best in year 9 & Silver – Lewys

Silver – Jasmine, Reece , Olivia, Grace, Rachael, Hayden, Ibrahim, Charlotte

Bronze – William, Ahmad, Rain, Max, Isabel, Cale, Olivia, Sophia, Freddie, Freya, Sophia, Lucas, Jack, Kassia, Oliver, William, Kingston, Luke, Ben, Hannah, Mobeen, Muhammad, Isabelle, Charlie, Francesca, Jake, Callum, William, Katy, Jacob

In January, Year 7 and 8 Set 1 mathematicians took part in a special challenge to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the UKMT. We are very pleased to announce the following awards:

Best in School – William

Best in 8 set 1B – Parkes, Freddie, Lily

Best in 7 set 1A – Rohan, Harry

Best in 7 set 1B – Jonathan

Congratulations to all our students who took part in these challenges, but a particular well done to those mentioned above. We look forward to celebrating more mathematical successes in the future!

Mrs C Bateman

Mathematics Teacher