Westholme Magic – Putting the sparkle into education!

Across the country this is the time of year for Open Days and Information events for parents and children of all ages. At Westholme we too have been busy with Open Day on all our sites and a forthcoming Sixth Form Information Evening; on such occasions I never cease to be amazed by our staff and students. Teachers show such passion and enthusiasm for their subjects and classrooms are vibrant and welcoming. Our own students make speeches, demonstrate experiments, dress up, sing, create, play sport and music and act as guides – they do all this voluntarily with energy and a smile! It is truly uplifting and makes me very proud of our community.

During my presentation to parents in the Theatre on Saturday I spoke about the Westholme magic – that intangible atmosphere and essence that embraces our school and draws us in. Every school has its own ethos and values; every school will claim to do their very best for their children; every school wants to showcase their strengths and celebrate success. However what makes Westholme magical is that unique combination of so many aspects all held together by special qualities and the people that work and learn here.

On all of our sites we are blessed with great resources, facilities and a super setting. And yet these places would be empty shells without the people who bring it to life.

Compassion; dynamism; laughter; respect; sense of fun; care; ambition;
confidence; kindness; disappointment; elation; challenge; tears and tantrums
(not too often thankfully); adventure; independence; teamwork; taking risks;
being safe; learning; leading; supporting; building bridges
(literally and metaphorically); sharing; joy; collaborating; failure and success …
just some of the sounds, feelings and attributes that combine to make Westholme sparkle.

The magic ingredient is people and the recipe is constantly changing and improving – we are proud of our past but always looking forward; we are unique and we are Westholme.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” (W B Yeats)