Westholme tops the GCSE Charts

Westholme tops the tables!

Whichever new measures are brought in to ascertain pupil success, Westholme always rises to the challenge.   Topping the tables for Blackburn with 99% of pupils achieving five A*-C grades including Maths and English, coupled with a fine performance in English Baccalaureate with 60% of pupils achieving A* to C grades in English, Maths, two sciences, a language and either history or geography, Westholme showed again that it is quite possible to excel in the core subjects and still pursue exciting and diverse choices across a wide curriculum.

Mrs Croston, Principal, said, “The EBacc is only one way of looking at success.   It does take into account the need to concentrate on the fundamental basics and we do strongly believe in this at Westholme.   However, a demanding subject like EPR (Ethics, Philosophy and Religion) which we offer here would not be included in the measure.   I am delighted that we have been recognised for doing a wonderful job in teaching our pupils the essentials, but likewise, we are still very committed to the education of the whole child.   The staff at Westholme bring out the best in every individual through breadth of offer and excellent teaching.   Good schools should be educating children to get A*-C in every subject!”