Y1 Polar Explorer Day

Y1 Polar Explorer Day at Infant School

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 The children in Year 1 had lots of fun being Polar Explorer’s yesterday!

They took part in a range of different activities and had lots of fun exploring. They looked at packing for a Polar expedition and what would be necessary to survive the cold.

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The children took part in the Iceberg Hop and had to work as a team to cross the ice plain.

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Their next task was to learn the essentials for shelter building and how to survive in the Polar Regions.

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The Treasure Hunt challenged the pupils to see which famous explorers they could find, and they discovered what explorers actually eat and how it tastes. 

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They all enjoyed warming up with a much needed hot chocolate at the end of a wonderful but drizzly day. The children loved the new experiences, learning about surviving in the cold and are all ready for the next time they visit the North Pole!

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