Year 11 Mock Election

As part of our programme to ensure our students are fully engaged with current affairs, the Social Science Faculty ran a Mock Election for Year 11 students to see if our results were similar to the General Election.

Our A Level students organised the event and were interested in asking pupils questions such as:

  • Did they think their parents’ opinion had swayed their vote?
  • Did they think the appearance of the candidates affected voting styles?
  • How important was Brexit in the vote?
  • Year 11 came to the LRC, read manifestos from the political parties, and placed their votes.

The outcomes were as follows:

Conservative 68%

LibDem 16%

Green 11%

Labour 5%

If this were to be translated directly to Parliament, that would give the Conservatives a 113 seat majority with 439 seats. LibDems would be the opposition with 105 seats.

38 students voted (1 spoilt paper) so a turnout of only 45%

An interesting comparison therefore can be made with the actual results of the December 2019 General Election results. A worthwhile experience for our Year 11’s are not yet old enough to vote, but will be in 2 years!