Year 2 Music Celebration

Year 2 children visit Junior Schools’ for a Music Celebration

The Year Two children visited the Junior Schools’ this morning for a musical collaboration.  First of all, they listened to the Year 3 boys who performed a selection of “Sounds from the Rainforest” using various musical instruments.

Next it was the Year 2 children who took to the stage to perform their song about being a Pirate. This was a wonderful performance and they received a well deserved round of applause from their audience.

Not to be outdone, the Year 3 girls got out their recorders to perform a recital of songs, including “One man went to mow” and “Oh when the saints..”.

As the session drew to a close, Mrs Fielding taught everyone a song and dance about being a cowboy.  All the children had the words, actions and dance moves off to a fine art – some of the staff were not as co-ordinated!

This was an extremely entertaining visit for the Year 2 children, and gave them a taste of what their music lessons would involve once they move up. They all enjoyed meeting some of their older friends and left looking forward to being in Year 3!