House Debating Competition 2022

The House Debating Competition has been an exciting week in the Westholme calendar. Students from Year 11 – 13 prepared and delivered robust and challenging arguments on a range of subjects.

The debate on Mondays saw students argue whether smart phones had impacted on the intelligence of society in a negative way. Whilst the debate on Tuesday enabled students to consider the environmental impact of veganism. This topic undoubtedly inspired and challenged the students at Westholme. However, it seems like the lure of a steak is too tempting for Westholme students. It would seem that many of our students are not ready for a vegan lifestyle quite yet.

The final was a verbal battle of epic proportions. The topic that students were asked to debate was: This House believes that reality television is harming society. Pendle took on Calder in the final. Both teams argued their side vociferously; however, it was Pendle who came out on top. They argued that negative aspects of reality television outweigh the benefits of indulging in an episode of Masterchef or The Great British Bake-off. Both sides argued with conviction and should be proud of themselves. We, in the English Department, were very impressed.

Mrs Corrigan

Head of English 

Members of the English Department judged the competition, held in the LRC.