Junior Sports Day

The Junior School Annual Sports’ Day was held this afternoon and the boys and girls eagerly competed in many events including long jump, obstacle courses and the relay races with great spirit and enthusiasm.

It was lovely to see so many friends and family cheering from the side lines in the hot and sunny weather!

Every child had the chance to compete in field events of throws and jumps. On the track there were sprints, longer distances, skipping, obstacle and relay races for them to compete in.

It was extremely gratifying to see all the children competing to win with smiles on their faces yet with steely determination. There were excellent performances throughout the day. There were winners and losers but all done with good grace and humility.

There had to be an overall winner though and it was Ospreys. Perhaps the relay where they were dead last but fought on and never gave up and came through to win helped them? Of course it did! That’s what we pride ourselves on at Westholme, never giving up and that is the mark of champions.

Well done to all competitors, the PE Dept are very proud of you.

Finally, a big thank you to Mrs Ingham for organising it all. Her 39th and final annual sports day. We will certainly miss her.