Polar Explorers’ Day

Year One enjoy a day learning about polar expeditions

With the wintery weather ordered and everyone dressed for the Antarctic, Year One set out on their Polar Explorers’ Day.

IMG 2969

As the children arrived at Billinge House (right on cue!) the clouds rolled in and a polar scene was created ready for the day ahead. They were lucky enough to be visited by an explorer who showed the children all the equipment which is needed on an expedition. Once the pupils were all dressed to face the elements, they stepped outside and learnt survival skills such as shelter making, camp stove cooking, fire building and making use of snow. A drink of warm orange and toasted pancakes on our stove, were most welcome. The children then had time to play in the various shelters and tents before returning to the classroom to learn about ‘layering up’ and suitable clothing for polar expeditions.

IMG 2908 IMG 2932

After lunch, Year One faced their final challenge. Using a map of the Billinge House grounds, the children had to navigate and find ten famous polar explorers. Once found, they were marked on the maps.

IMG 2919 IMG 2961

A fantastic day has been enjoyed by children and staff alike and thanks to all our parents for equipping your children so well for a fun packed day in the wintery weather.