Strictly Speaking

Westholme pupils enjoy success at the Blackburn Speech Festival

Members of the Infant School ‘Speaking Club’ took part in the Blackburn Speech and Drama Festival, held at Senior School. They performed very well and the adjudicator gave excellent feedback. Overall, the marks and standard was very high.


Results were as follows-

Verse Speaking 6yrs and Under – Set Piece

Maia Lewis – 2nd place
Ayesha Vose – 3rd place

Verse Speaking 6years and Under – Own Choice

Maia Lewis 3rd place

Verse Speaking 7yrs and Under – Set Piece

Jessica Lowe – 2nd place
Aisha Rahat – 3rd Place

Ladybird Prepared Prose – 7yrs and Under

Maia Lewis – 1st Place

Other Westholme students were entered into the Festival independently; these results will be available soon.