Student Council

Last Friday at Juniors, interested pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 gave speeches to their peers as to why they wanted to represent them in School Council.

Mrs Barnett was highly impressed by the speeches, presentations and ideas they came up with.

After voting, the representatives chosen for the first half of the academic year were as follows:

Year 6:

Harriet Cousins

Yahya Khan

Year 5:

Safaa Amin

Millie Davies

Year 4

Aydaan Chowdhury

Eleanor Halstead

Year 3

Sanna Mulla

Chloe Wynne


Elodie Kenealy

William Fairwood.

Year 1:

Harry Lowde

Hanna Nakedar


Safaa Dudhia

Mu’aaz Sarpanch.

Our newly elected council will be meeting together on the 17th (Infants) and 18th (Juniors) of October for their first meeting.

On the agenda will include a discussion of how children feel we can become more environmentally friendly as a school and also what equipment they would like to see bought for the school playgrounds, so they have a lot of preliminary work to do with their classes before then.

Well Done!