Student Leaders

We would like to congratulate our new Heads of School and Sixth Form School Officers for 2020-21.

We are looking forward to seeing them continue to act as role-models to the rest of the school and make their mark in the new academic year. All students who applied for the positions should be proud of the mature approach they demonstrated and for the imaginative and creative ideas they have for the future.

It is always a pleasure to hear how proud students are to attend Westholme Sixth Form and for them to actively want to give back to the school. Therefore, we are proud to have such confident leaders in our community for younger students to look up to and admire.

There will always be some students who are disappointed to have not been elected into one of the roles, but they should each be proud of the way they acted throughout the process and we thank them for their applications.

We wish the new officers the best of luck in their new roles and look forward to them working together from September.