Super Day in Reception

Storytime and a nice cup of soup!

055  IMG 0332

The children in Reception have been reading the story ‘Dear Polar Bear’ by Barry Ablett this week. In the story the Polar Bear is cold and lonely in his icy igloo home. His friends from around the world send him gifts to cheer him up.

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This gave the children a great idea! Everyone put on their aprons, washed their hands and went over to the Cookery Area to make vegetable soup to send to the Polar Bear to warm him up!

014  051

The children helped to chop the vegetables and mix the stock and then everyone tasted the finished soup and decided it was delicious! We are thinking of inventive ways to transport the soup to the Polar Bear but may have to settle on just sending the recipe!

IMG 0344

What a lovely way to spend a cold and snowy afternoon!