Super fun at Superskills!

Great fun to be had at Superskills!

The theme for Superskills this week was ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here’. Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe had planned many activities relating to the jungle trial show. Using rubber ducks, instead of stars, children had to compete in teams to win the most amount of ducks throughout the week.






One highlight was completing the assault course around the sports hall. The children used various pieces of equipment to help them swing over a river of creepy crawlies and travel under and over trees and bridges. They also enjoyed making dens outside (and even got to eat their lunch in them) and took part in a number of water themed games where they learnt that team work proved to be vital in achieving success.






Other activities included duck hunting, swimming challenges, an eating challenge, the treasure chest challenge, arts and crafts and of course, many sports games. Rounders, badminton and bench ball were enjoyed by all.




A Jenga, jungle tower was built in the middle of the sports hall on Monday. If the tower stayed up all week without being knocked over, the children were to be rewarded with an ice-cream. Sure enough, by today, the tower remained standing and the children will be receiving their ice-creams later this afternoon.


Children also enjoyed dressing in camouflage, and made bandana’s using leaves and twigs, before taking part in a treasure hunt to determine the winning team for the week.  Congratulations to the boys who were triumphant!


Special thanks to Mr & Mrs Sutcliffe for an excellent week of Superskills fun. They would also like to thank Jennie Calvert, Sam Calvert, Miss Rimmer, Senior School helper Florrie Slater and Junior School helpers Emily Berry and Ryan Thomas for all their hard work this week.